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WHITE CONE HIGH SCHOOL School located in White Cone, Arizona – AZ. WHITE CONE HIGH SCHOOL school phone number, address and USA school directory.

School Phone Number : (928) 738-2367
School Type : Regular school
School State Name : Schools in Arizona
School Location City: Schools in White Cone
School Education Type : Public Schools in Arizona

WHITE CONE HIGH SCHOOL address Highway 77 Mile Post 31.2, White Cone, AZ 86031
School Latitude : 35.604078
School Longitude : -110.065660

WHITE CONE HIGH SCHOOL Public School Information

National School Lunch Program : No
Adult Education Offered : No
Kindergarten offered : No
Prekindergarten offered : No
Highest Grade Offered : 12th Grade School
Lowest Grade Offered : 9th Grade School
School Level : High School


Number Of Total Students : 0
Number Of Free Lunch Eligible :
Number Of Prekindergarten Students :
Number Of Kindergarten Students :
Number Of Ungraded Students :
Number Of Adult Education Students :
Number Of Grades 1-8 Students :
Number Of Grades 9-12 Students : 0

WHITE CONE HIGH SCHOOL Student Gender Ratios

Number Of Male Students : 0
Number Of Female Students : 0

WHITE CONE HIGH SCHOOL Student Demographics

Number Of American Indian/Alaska Native Students : 0
Number Of Asian or Asian/Pacific Islander Students : 0
Number Of Hispanic Students : 0
Number Of Black Students : 0
Number Of White Students : 0
Number Of Hawaiian Nat./Pacific Isl. Students : 0
Number Of Two or More Races Students : 0
Number Of Total Race/Ethnicity : 0


Number Of Full-Time Equivalent (FTE) Teachers :
Pupil/Teacher Ratio :

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